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The PQI20 with QCA9886 is a highly integrated wireless local area network ( WLAN ) system for 5GHz 802.11ac WLAN applications. The QCA9886 implements half-duplex OFDM, CCK, and DSSS PHY, supporting 867Mbps for 802.11ac 80MHz channel operation in 5GHz mode and IEEE 802.11a/n/ac data rates. The QCA9886 supports 802.11 wireless MAC protocol, 802.11i security, Wi-Fi offload, error recovery, and 802.11equality of service (QoS).


The QCA9886 supports up to two simultaneous spatial streams integrating two Tx and two Rx chains forhigh throughput and extended coverage. Tx chains combine PHY in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) signals, convert them to the desired frequency, and drive the RF signal through external power amplifiers (PAs). Rxchains receive from antennas through external LNAs. The frequency synthesizer supports 1-MHz steps to match frequencies defined by IEEE 802.11a/n/ac specifications. The QCA9886 supports frame data transfer to and from the host using a PCIE interface that supports interrupt generation and reporting and status reporting


A major feature of this module is its high power, you can connect extra 5V for the module, then more stable signals and wider coverage are obtained. Another feature supports the MMCX connector. This will make your use experience even better.

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