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     Wifi-4g is a 3G and 4G support wireless router, referred to as 3G routing or 4G routing. Support wired and wireless Internet access, the device loaded VPN tunnel, wifi LAN security transmission certification. Added watchdog circuit. In order to ensure long-term stability of the product and customer experience. Built-in sim card interface, support Unicom, mobile, telecom operators 3G 4G sim card. Motherboard also supports a USB2.0 interface, a TF card interface, user-friendly storage and expansion features, the standard power supply 12V1A, the maximum 13V minimum 9V.

*Accord with 802.11b/g/n.

*Transmit power 11b  18dBm ±2dBm     11g  15dBm ±2dBm     11n  15dBm ±2dBm.

*100M adaptive network port 1WAN 4LAN support automatic flip.

*TF card FAT32 format 16G can read and write super 16G can only read NTFS format   16G can read and write, super 16G can only read  EXT4 128G can read and write normally。

*A PCI-E interface, if you want to connect 3G 4G need to add PCI-E 4G module also plug in the flow card or phone card.
*Supports one-click reset function

*Support a key page brush machine

*4G watchdog circuit, effectively improve the stability of  long-term operation of the product in particular 3G4G optimization

*Wireless a variety of encryption methods to protect data security

*2.4G 300M 2T2R wireless 3G4G router

*Main chip MT7620A

*Memory DDR2 128MB (maximum support DDR2 256MB)

*flash 16MB (up to 32MB)

*Maximum power consumption <5W

*Routing mode AP mode

*WAN access 3G4G dial-up wired WAN port

*Operating temperature 0 to 50 degrees Operating humidity% 10-% 90RH Non-condensing Storage temperature -40 degrees 70 degrees Storage humidity% 5-% 90RH Non-condensing

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